Our Guest speaker today was former Wollundry Rotarian James McTavish, currently NSW Cross Border Commissioner.  James was one of the Armies youngest Lieutenant Colonel’s stationed at Kapooka.

James McTavish was appointed NSW Cross Border Commissioner in July 2014 and as the NSW Regional Town Water Supply Coordinator in January 2019. He has been working in this dual role to advocate for border communities and address cross-border anomalies as well as to ensure every regional town in NSW has safe, clean drinking water.

James informed members that $250 million worth of infrastructure water projects were in process in various types of work such as bores, dam refurbishment and the like.  In addition, regional water facilities were being supported with additional funding in the firm knowledge that the drought will be back and the long range impact of climate change will require new and innovative approaches to deal with the problem.

James noted that the border closures had the single most dramatic impact on border communities in the areas of employment, shopping, culture, health and many other areas.  At the peak of the problem, his office was receiving 500 communications a day on the subject.  He suggested that we needed to see ourselves as Australians and not Victorians or New South Welchmen.  We only have Australian passports.

President James gave James a vote of thanks.