Feb 2nd 2021
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Feb 9th 2021
Romano's Hotel + Zoom
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Phil McIntosh
Paul Milde 
Robert Nicholson

Joy Ross
Retired Senior Health Executive

Rotary Information
Feb 9th Geoff Breust
Feb 16th Greg Conkey

Bulletin Editor 
Feb 9,16, 23  J. Egan
Mar 2, 9,16, P. Murray
Mar 23, 30, Apr 6,D. Sutton
Apr 13, 20, 27 M. Knight
May 4, 11, 18 D. Pyke
May 25, Jun1,8,P Whilesmith

Feb 9th John Ireland
Feb 16th Michael Knight
Feb 23rd Peter Mackinnon
Mar 2nd Steve McCoy
Mar 9th Tim McMullen

 Saturday Markets
13th Feb 2021
OIC: Jonty Shuter
Team: D. Benn, Mark Hillis (for S. Carroll), P. Crozier, C. Duff, J. Flynn, G. Gerlach, J. Gray, D. Hodge, R. Pearson, N. Pinto, D. Pyke, Adrian Whiting (for P. Wilesmith).
Signs:  John Gray
13th March 2021
OIC: P. Burgess
Team: R. Baguley, K. Cook, P. Green, S. Heriot, M. Knight, J. Mason, P. McIntosh, K. Pascoe, D. Post, A. Puckeridge, K. Taylor, B. Willis, D. Wishart.
Signs:  Pat Ingram

Markets Training Videos

Below are links to four videos which give an insight to the mechanics of putting up the canopies, loading the trestles and table tops etc.
They are designed to give you an idea of how to make the setup, and pull down of the markets smooth and fast.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
David Post
February 2
Jeremy Riethmuller
February 3
David Byfield
February 4
Greg Conkey OAM
February 5
Pykie Pyke
February 7
Timothy McMullen
February 18
Richard Rossiter
February 20
Mark Hillis
February 28
Spouse Birthdays
February 1
Chrissie Hillis
February 3
Pam Green
February 8
Kay Sutton
February 14
Jacqui Stumpel
February 16
Peter Green
Pam Green
February 4
Paul Murray
Carolyn Murray
February 27
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Doug Sutton
February 1, 1990
31 years
John Egan
February 1, 1985
36 years
Michael Knight
February 1, 1983
38 years
Paul Milde
February 1, 1995
26 years
Craig Bromley
February 7, 2012
9 years
Shane Carroll
February 19, 2019
2 years
Ken Taylor
February 21, 2012
9 years
Bulletin Editor
Peter Wilesmith
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President's Report Feb 2nd
My thanks go to IPP David for running this week's meeting which was our largest for quite some time.  The President was somewhat incapacitated but was at no time unconscious so the 25th Amendment did not have to be activated.  Should we have a designated VP just in case?
Sometimes I worry about going to hospital in case I catch something.  A well known Englishman went to hospital with Pneumonia and came home with Covid.  RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore (1920-2021) inspirational veteran of the Burma campaign.
My own Covid test was negative and surprisingly not too uncomfortable.  I am full of admiration for the professionalism of the staff in Emergency at our new Base Hospital. I was advised that they only need to draw the curtain across when someone else comes or goes on a trolley.  I was opposite an elderly gentleman who didn't seem to understand English perfectly.  He was able to communicate that he needed to go to the toilet for No.2's. The very nice young nurse eventually explained that they couldn't move him because his blood pressure was too low.  I thought, "this is going to be ugly".  She drew the curtain.
I had a call from a DA journalist Evan the other day asking about our position on holding major events during a pandemic.  Being naturally suspicious I wondered (and still do) how he got my number.  He didn't mention this but it has become apparent that his angle related to the viability of holding a large State Touch Football carnival in Wagga at the present time, the suggestion being that Safety Plans are too onerous. I hope that desperation and greed have not taken precedence over the safety of local regional communities.  It only takes one carrier and things can change very quickly.  There is now a case of the UK variant associated with an Australian Open Tennis hotel quarantine worker in SE Melbourne.  The Vic health authorities are scrambling for containment again.  Quarantine should be a closed system including the staff.  No one has been vaccinated yet.  Are Safety Plans really too onerous?
It seems that there are different attitudes to 'risk' and ours is understandably cautious.  We are fortunate to have a good level of autonomy with our own events and we are good at working with stakeholders innovatively, consultatively and collaboratively rather than dictatorially.  Our next Saturday Market, a relatively small local community event, will be on 13th February.
Our congratulations go to Clare Lawler who was named Wagga's Young Citizen of the Year on Australia Day.  Clare was Charter President and has been a driving force behind the CSU Rotaract Club (which we helped establish) whilst also becoming a qualified accountant.  It's good to be busy.  She is a fine young lady.
Our condolences go to Secretary Phil who has lost his brother in Albury.
Stay well fellows.
Secretary's Report Feb 2nd
Hi all,
Almost a full house on Tuesday they tell me, good to see. 
Thank you to Paul Milde for standing in for me. 
Note the roster allocations on the left side of the page. If you cannot fulfil your rostered duty, please organise a swap.
Please note dates listed below
13th Feb - Next Saturday Market, see roster at left.
15th Feb - Nominations for District Governor 9705 2023/24 close.
20th - 21st Feb - President Elect training at Temora.
1st March - Coolamon Rotary Club 50th anniversary, see circularised email for detail. RSVP by Feb 22nd.
20th - 21st March - District Conference at Bathurst. Registration is required by intending attendees. Gerry Gerlach has reserved rooms for 19th and 20th at the Panorama Motel.
Please advise Gerry of your requirements by Friday 12th Feb. 
26th March - Centenary Peace dinner and art auction, Canberra. Detail in the latest District 9705 newsletter.
The only requirement to John Mason by 4pm Monday is an apology if applicable, or guests if applicable.
Phil Burgess
Our Meeting Feb 2nd
This weeks meeting was at Romanos Hotel again, we seem to be settling in well, and taking the opportunity to meet and catch up while ordering our meals on arrival before heading upstairs to the meeting.

Sergeant was Neil Pinto

While we waited, Doug Sutton suggested an Eftpos machine for the fines, Pykie thought that was a great idea and noted there is a minimum charge set for five dollars, we’re not quite sure how serious they were.
Neil did the fines and asked Pykie to collect. Neil said he would make no references to cricket.
Then went on to fine anyone who is not of Indian origin, which I suspect maybe be cricket related!


Today's Rotary Information was presented by David Pyke

Wollundry Rotary year of 2019-2020, President David Pyke
My year was a little unusual as I spent the first month studying new Rotary Innovations in Ireland. I attended a different pub every night looking for a Rotary Club but was unable to coincide the pub visits with Rotary.
Upon my return, Neil Pinto and I were summoned to a meeting with the District Youth officer to reconsider our decision to have a German Youth exchange lady for the first half of 2020, the latter of  half of 2019 being in Orange. At our first meeting we were not aware that the District had already made the decision that the Exchange student would not be coming to Wollundry. Through Neil Pinto’s brilliance, instead we got Sofi Seneme, and how lucky that turned out to be.
With the assistance of Katie O’Neill, John Smith ramped up the Saturday markets to the extent where the monthly profits were healthy, that state of play is continuing. This is a great Club event where we get 12 to 14 of our members working together with a smattering of other members joining those rostered for a coffee on the day. We should not underestimate the importance of the Saturday market for fellowship and, of course, making good money.
We had a visit from Lori Steiner, and husband Steve. Lori had been an exchange student at Wollundry in the 80,s and remembered many of the current members including J Gray, Burmo, Michael Knight etc.


Guest Speaker

Graham Burmeister addressed the meeting on a legal matter, noting it has been 21years since he had done so at our meetings.
Today Graham spoke of the term guadere, a term for the weight you might give the evidence of a witness during a trial. He gave us a brief background of the beginning of his career, moving from Tumut High to Sydney to study law, then moving on to a commercial firm in Castlereagh adding stories of working alongside of some very influential people. Graham spoke of his many experiences and the wealth of knowledge he gained, but how he always maintained his desire to return to the country.
Once graduating he came to Wagga and joined a legal firm, Burmo shared his interesting stories regarding his early success in criminal law using his skills with the weight of evidence.
John Ireland was called on to give a vote of thanks to our guest speaker.


Stand-in Secretaries Report

Paul Milde came to the podium standing in for Phil, he gave us an extensive report on upcoming rosters and anniversaries. The diary notes regarding the district membership seminar is on 11th February via zoom with guest speaker Rebecca Fry. Next Saturday Markets 13th February. District conference coming up on the 20-21st March in Bathurst.
Paul mentioned on Rotary Down Under, that we are looking for a lot of members to join online.


Visitors and Guests

We had three members bring four guests to todays meeting. Adrian Whitting introduced Nick Spragg, Nick is newly arrived in Wagga from Melbourne and John Smith introduced Chris Kelly a former member of the club. Graham Burmeister was joined by Mayan and introduced Mikayla Argus-Anderson.


Five-minute announcement

Frank Fuller spoke of an email he received from Trevor Webb about the Annual Science Challenge that our club contributes to. Trevor is hoping that it will run on the 3rd & 4th of March. Frank gave us a heads-up that volunteers would be needed for the setup of tables and trestles on Tuesday afternoon the 2nd March.



James Hamilton announced Claire Lawler is being awarded the young citizen of the year in Wagga Wagga, Claire is heavily involved with the CSU Rotaract Club. James will pass on Claire’s details to anyone wishing to congratulate her.
Doug Sutton asked how the golf went yesterday and Pykie quickly moved to the next question.


Lucky Door Prize

The task of picking the peg was given to our visitor Nick who drew Bill Parkers number, well done Bill.



President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) is being held on the weekend of 20th and 21st February 2021 at Temora. 
This seminar is held annually to assist incoming Presidents in their preparation for their Presidential year.  It is a requirement by RI and all club’s constitution that all Presidents Elect attend PETS and the training assembly unless excused by the governor-elect.  If excused, the president-elect shall send a club representative.  If the president-elect does not attend the presidents-elect training seminar and the training assembly and has not been excused by the governor-elect or, if excused, does not send a club representative to these meetings, the president-elect shall not serve as club president.  The current president then shall continue to serve until the election of a successor who has attended a presidents-elect training seminar and training assembly or training deemed sufficient by the governor-elect. 
This year PETS will also encompass the District Grants Seminar.    Contact: Steve Hill



Registrations are now open for the 2021 District 9705 District Conference at Bathurst.  Click on the racing tyre on your left to register.   

Thank you for your patience but we have been trying to work our way through the implications of Covid 19 over the past year and it has been an ever- changing exercise.

But, we are now confident that things can proceed, albeit with some changes to past Conferences.  Important here is that we are limited to 400 people inside the conference venue, and we are further limited to 360 people at the Conference Dinner and 300 people at the Welcome Function – all due to Covid restrictions. 

We are all getting used to the Covid-19 safe sign in.
What to order for lunch?
President James giving direction, and some of the team busy preparing for the meeting.
Members enjoying fellowship before the meeting.
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray