Feb 9th 2021
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Feb 16th 2021
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Feb 16th Greg Conkey

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Feb 16th Michael Knight
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 Saturday Markets
13th Feb 2021
OIC: Jonty Shuter
Team: D. Benn, David Foster (for S. Carroll), P. Crozier, C. Duff, J. Flynn, G. Gerlach, J. Gray, D. Hodge, R. Pearson, N. Pinto, D. Pyke, Adrian Whiting (for P. Wilesmith).
Signs:  John Gray
13th March 2021
OIC: P. Burgess
Team: R. Baguley, K. Cook, P. Green, S. Heriot, M. Knight, J. Mason, P. McIntosh, K. Pascoe, D. Post, A. Puckeridge, K. Taylor, B. Willis, D. Wishart.
Signs:  Pat Ingram

Markets Training Videos

Below are links to four videos which give an insight to the mechanics of putting up the canopies, loading the trestles and table tops etc.
They are designed to give you an idea of how to make the setup, and pull down of the markets smooth and fast.
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President's Report Feb 9th
Our Saturday Market returns this weekend after a New Year break.  The forecast is for some rain and so there is a possibility that Plan B will have to be implemented  -  a late move to Hammond Hall at the Showgrounds which we did last July.  Good luck Jonty on your maiden voyage as OIC.  There is a lot of experience in your team and I have no doubt that things will run smoothly.  This is also an excellent opportunity for coffee and fellowship.  Come along and join the team around 10am.
Elaine Almond, D9705 Polio Plus Chair, will be visiting our next meeting to promote a film night at the cinema in aid of End Polio Now.  This is a combined Rotary Clubs of Wagga activity.  The film is "Nomadland" and will be shown on Sunday 7th March at 2:30pm ($20).  Please save the date.
It is my melancholy duty to report that our member Peter Wilesmith has had a bad cycling accident on Tuesday morning, which explains his absence from our meeting.  A car pulled out in front of him at a roundabout and he landed on his head.  He has broken vertebare in his neck but no concussion and will be in a brace for 6 weeks.  It could have been a whole lot worse.  His is able to take calls on his mobile number now that he is out of intensive care at WBH.  Our thoughts are with Peter at this difficult time.
Stay well fellows.
Our Meeting Feb 9th
This weeks meeting was at Romanos Hotel again, we seem to be settling in well, and taking the opportunity to meet and catch up while ordering our meals on arrival before heading upstairs to the meeting. Its beginning to feel like home!

Sergeant was John Ireland

John is a Rugby tragic, and found it very difficult to sit through several days of the one event.
However, he extracted quite a bundle with a QnA that was not all that complimentary to Australia and its cricketing prowess!!
It was an very entertaining innings, but he was clean bowled by John Gray who sent down a screamer, informing us that this was the anniversary of atrociously bad sportsmanship on behalf of the New Zealanders who objected to a mullegrubber from the Australian bowlers!


Today's Rotary Information was presented by Geoff Breust

My Wollundry Rotary year. 2016-2017.
Geoff gave very well  presented talk on the highlights of his year as President, covering the Gears and beers, The Food and Wine Festival, and the revival of the now Saturday Markets. He gave special thanks to John Smith who was chair of the Saturday Market, and to Phil Macintosh who continues to run the highly successful Gears and Beers. Tim Barter was also given high praise for his efforts with the Food and Wine.
Another highlight was the introduction of the AED programme To date there are an extra  32 in the city, and the club has spent $33,590 to make this happen.
He also mentioned the hosting of the IFCR, which brought a lot of visitors to town and culminated in the great barbecue at the Benns.
Under the control of Doug Sutton we we initiated a Rotary Foundation Grant of $35000usd for the people of the Congo.
To sum up, it was a very good year!
"Wollundry Rotary’s strength lies in its membership. It is a club of quite diverse people with many differing strengths and capabilities with the wonderful ability to come together to make things happen and make a difference….. "
What a mission statement that is!! 
A high light from his year...$40000 to the Cancer Care Centre

Guest Speaker

Joy Ross is a well known high energy person who came to Wagga Wagga for a couple of years in 1974, and has not left. (This is the story of so many people.)
Joy and Steve were married in1972 and started their married life in Sydney, Steve as a policeman and Joy working in the Department of Shipping and Transport. 
Steve was restless in the city, so they upped stakes and went to the country. Steve began his policing in Wagga as the school's liaison officer, and did a great job in warming young people to the force. Joy took up a transfer position with the RAAF Base.
Firstly they rented a home out on the Old Narrandera Road, but before they could move in they experienced the Great Flood of 74!! So they moved again into town. Joy had several jobs and eventually arrived at Health. With family coming along, Joy accepted a position with Wal Fife as a research assistant. Eventually Steve took a job in Temora and Joy  ended up on the Town Council. She was instrumental in getting Family Day Care into Temora.
Coming back to Wagga Wagga, Joy joined a project to attract more physicians to Wagga. This was jointly funded by Calvary Hospital, Imed and others, with the support of Wagga City Council. 
The committee would attend scientific meetings for the various medical groups and identify persons who might be interested. That was extremely successful. Joy was there to sell the city not just to the physicians but to the partners as well.
The result is that Wagga has more medical specialists than any other city in regional Australia. 
The training of physicians is taking place in Wagga Wagga at the  University of NSW and Notre Dame
 Listen to the full talk here
Joy was thanked by President James

Phil Macintosh gave us an update on the Gears and Beers, and outlined a new ride for Saturday. Having reviewed the participation of the current events, he and the committee put forward the suggestion of a Wiradjury Trail Event, which would encompass the Wiradjury Track around the city. The benefits included the fact that this is a tough ride, and that it would showcase the city to the visitors.
The club wholeheartedly endorsed the idea
John Egan suggested that since we have had to abandon the Food and Wine we could seek another stream of revenue. A Photography Exhibition/Competition. Although the revenue might be far below the FnW it would be a good cultural event that should attract wide interest. A meeting held at the end of the Club Meeting has got the ball rolling.
The Lucky Door Prize went to ......Phil Macintosh. 
Coolamon Rotary is celebrating its 50th year as a club.
President Howard invites us all to celebrate this great event.
They are a great help to us in our major fundraising events and deserve our support
We should send some representatives to the night. It is March 1st.
Please contact John Glassford at Coolamon Rotary.       
 As President James reported, Peter Wilesmith has had a bad crash from his bike. His mobile number is  0416275315. He would appreciate a short call. 
Secretary's Report 09.02.2021
Hi Fellows,
Another well attended meeting this week.
As always Phil McIntosh is enthusiastically seeking new ways to to improve the Gears and Beers Festival.
This will be the only opportunity this year to raise substantial funds, so we all need to give Phil our upmost support.
Geoff Breust showcased a very successful Year for Wollundry in 2016-17, the year he was President.
An excellent job by John Ireland as Sergeant. Sadly his take on the Australian cricket team was fairly accurate.
Guest speaker Joy Ross was very inspirational. An informative presentation and easy to listen to.
Thumbs up to John Egan for coming up with a new fundraising concept. All the best to you and your committee John.
It is satisfying to receive positive feedback from those in the community who we support each year.
I received just such a letter this week. It came from the venerable Dr. Grant Bell, Archdeacon of Wagga Wagga Anglican. The funds went towards 80 Christmas hampers and an additional 20 relief hampers. The support from Wollundry was greatly appreciated.
There will be a Board meeting on Monday 15th Feb, committee Chairs please get your reports into your respective directors.
Diary Dates.
Sat 13th Feb - Saturday Markets
Mon 15th Feb - Board Meeting
Mon 1st Mar - Collamon RC 50th Birthday anniversary
PETS training - 20th - 21st Feb at Temora.
District Conference - 20th - 21st Mar at Bathurst.
Phil Burgess





President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) is being held on the weekend of 20th and 21st February 2021 at Temora. 
This seminar is held annually to assist incoming Presidents in their preparation for their Presidential year.  It is a requirement by RI and all club’s constitution that all Presidents Elect attend PETS and the training assembly unless excused by the governor-elect.  If excused, the president-elect shall send a club representative.  If the president-elect does not attend the presidents-elect training seminar and the training assembly and has not been excused by the governor-elect or, if excused, does not send a club representative to these meetings, the president-elect shall not serve as club president.  The current president then shall continue to serve until the election of a successor who has attended a presidents-elect training seminar and training assembly or training deemed sufficient by the governor-elect. 
This year PETS will also encompass the District Grants Seminar.    Contact: Steve Hill



Registrations are now open for the 2021 District 9705 District Conference at Bathurst.  Click on the racing tyre on your left to register.   

Thank you for your patience but we have been trying to work our way through the implications of Covid 19 over the past year and it has been an ever- changing exercise.

But, we are now confident that things can proceed, albeit with some changes to past Conferences.  Important here is that we are limited to 400 people inside the conference venue, and we are further limited to 360 people at the Conference Dinner and 300 people at the Welcome Function – all due to Covid restrictions. 

Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray