March 2nd 2021
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March 9th 2021
Romano's Hotel + Zoom
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Members Duties
Richard Baguley
David Benn
Geoff Breust

Clare Lawler - Wagga's Young Citizen of the Year

Rotary Information
9th Mar - Jonty Shuter
16th Mar - Robert Nicholson
23rd Mar - Peter Green
30th Mar - David Wishart

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Mar 9,16, P. Murray
Mar 23, 30, Apr 6,D. Sutton
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9th Mar - Paul Murray
16th Mar - Robert Nicholson
23rd Mar - Graeme Obst
30th Mar - Wal Paton

 Saturday Markets
13th Feb 2021
13th March 2021
OIC: Phil Burgess
Team: Richard Baguley, Ken Cook, Peter Green, Stuart Heriot, Michael Knight, John Gray (for John Mason), Phil McIntosh, Kerrie Pascoe, David Post, Andrew Puckeridge, Bill Parker (for K. Taylor), Bob Willis, David Wishart.
Signs:  Pat Ingram

Markets Training Videos

Below are links to four videos which give an insight to the mechanics of putting up the canopies, loading the trestles and table tops etc.
They are designed to give you an idea of how to make the setup, and pull down of the markets smooth and fast.
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March 16
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March 17
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March 20
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March 20
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March 21
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March 27
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March 17
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March 25
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March 1, 1995
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What it’s like to survive polio and

President's Report Mar 2nd
DG Michael Moore convened a meeting of local Rotarians to discuss D9705 finances.  After nearly 2 years of agitation by our own David Pyke the new Board has seen fit to reduce the balance in its Reserve A/c by reducing the Club Levy by a total $30,000 for each of the RYs 2020-21 and 2021-22.  It is understood that this will be apportioned to all D9705 Clubs.

In the beginning we suggested a refund of $30,000 for D9700 to settle the matter as the two old Districts transitioned to the new D9705.  The old D9700 had made a significantly greater contribution of surpluses to the Reserves.  Both former Districts had also been required to make significant financial contributions to assist with the transition to the new District.  There are a number of new District accounts including General and Reserve.  What really matters is the total sum apart from specific project allocations.  The detail is significantly more complicated, as presented by the well qualified District Treasurer Rosemary Everett. 
One important question was raised at the meeting.  Why does D9705 need cash reserves at all since it is largely an administrative entity which shouldn't run its own service projects? The answers were further food for thought :
-  potential for disasters like drought and bushfires;
-  potential requests for District Grants;
-  potential for poor business decisions by Clubs; and,
-  RI expect Districts to maintain a certain level of Reserves. 
There was acknowledgement that Districts shouldn't hold excessive Reserves.  The minimum appears to be 50% of the yearly expenditure as reflected in the new District Constitution.
The guiding principle for us is that any District surpluses should go back to the Clubs as a general rule since that is where most of the funding comes from. Morally surpluses shouldn't be hoarded and Budgets should be reasonably balanced.  This applies to our own accounts  -  Club (funded by the members) and Service (funded by the community).
This should be the end of the matter now.  Well done David for keeping on top of things.
Stay well fellows.
Secretary's Report - 02.03.21
Hi all,
No ZOOM capability this week due to technicalities. We must be approaching a point where we no longer need the ZOOM facility. However there are some who wish to carry it on.
Well done to Steve McCoy for his space age presentation. Many scientific stats and facts revealed.
There is an interesting District Development Seminar ( District Assembly) coming up in May. A one day event at The Young Services Club, open to all members.
The seminar will provide training for 2021-22 Club executive teams and broader Rotary knowledge for new members.
Diary Dates.
7th March - End Polio fundraiser - Film screening of Nomadland at 2.30pm this Sunday at Forum 6.
13th March - Next Sat Market.
15th March - Next Board Meeting.
20th - 21st March - District Conference at Bathurst, registrations close 13th March.
15th May - District Development Seminar at Young 9.00am - 5.00pm.
Phil Burgess 
Our Meeting March 2nd

Our Sergeant was Steve McCoy

Steve McCoy was the Sergeant and said he wasn't going to pick on any one member today be rather was going to provide us with some information on the latest Mars interplanetary expedition. He detailed the steps in the landing on Mars  and then said to get some perspective on the landing, it was the equivalent to driving a golf ball 250 metres and getting it into the centre of the hole within one-one millionth of a millimetre with the black dimple down and the label face up.
Steve noted that the car sized rover vehicle called Percy was lowered to the surface using a space ship sky crane.  The photo at your right is an actual photo of the vehicle being lowered to the surface.    He also said that the rover has internet connections better than some places in Wagga and later this month the project will be testing the first space drone, hoping to expand their exploration capabilities.
Steve's space update was well received and appreciated.


Mark Hillis Updates Members on a Regional Development Conference

One of the biggest problems in the regions is there are more jobs than people.  There are currently 54,000 open positions avaliable. 
At the conference there was considerable discussion about how to attract people to the regions. 
In a survey, 17% of the people want to relocate to regional areas, which amounts to 2 to 3 million people.  Problem is where can we house these people?  Mark suggested older couples sharing bedrooms or homes while they are travelling the country. 

DGN Geraldine Supports Walk for Peace

DGN Geraldine Rurenga attended our meeting and spoke to members about the upcoming Walk for Peace in Canberra.
In 2021, Rotary celebrates 100 years of community service in Australia and New Zealand. The 2021 event will also be recognised as the 30th Canberra Two-Day Walk.  Register now for the two day challenge on 27-28 March 2021.
Event Director, Chris Edwards, explained a key component of the vision for the 2021 event; ‘By renaming the event the Rotary Aussie Peace Walk, we hope to create a colourful festival weekend focused on peace. And, because of travel restrictions, our overseas friends can’t get here, so we encourage every entrant, to choose a country to represent. It may be their place of origin or just a country they are passionate about. But to choose a country and bring a little of the culture of your chosen country to the event.’ 

Club Visitors and Guests

DG Michael Moore and Helen were visitors to our meeting on Tuesday
David Benn's guest was Andrew Dickins  - Territory Manager of Cleanaway Recycling

Polio Plus Film  NOMADLAND - Sunday afternoon 2:30
"Awards are piling up for this film"
Click on the picture on the right to see a trailer.
Polio Plus Film on Sunday afternoon 2:30 March 7th.
If you haven't purchased can still go.  Elaine Almond will be at the theatre at 2pm Sunday with tickets to sell.
The cost of tickets is $20. 
You can contact Elaine directly on 0406 078 091
The movie is NOMADLAND and rates very well. Rotten Tomatoes give it a 95 which is very high.
Watch the trailer here Its pretty good!

Frank Updates Members on the Science Challenge

 PP Frank Fuller gave us an update on the Science Challenge which was held this year at the Hammond Hall on the showground.
He told a short story about David Benn and John Gray not making the schedule.
He suggested that as usual Wollundry was leading the way at the event and that He needs a team to help pack up on Thursday.
If you can help, please let him know.

Coolamon Rotary Celebrated its 50th year as a club

Photos of our Meeting March 2, 2021


Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray