March 9th 2021
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March 16th 2021
Romano's Hotel 

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Scott Harding - Batlow School

Rotary Information
16th Mar - Jonty Shuter
23rd Mar - Peter Green
30th Mar - David Wishart

Bulletin Editor 
Mar 16, P. Murray
Mar 23, 30, Apr 6,D. Sutton
Apr 13, 20, 27 M. Knight
May 4, 11, 18 D. Pyke
May 25, Jun1,8,P Whilesmith

16th Mar - Robert Nicholson
23rd Mar - Graeme Obst
30th Mar - Wal Paton

 Saturday Markets
13th March 2021
OIC: Phil Burgess
Team: Richard Baguley, Ken Cook, Peter Green, Stuart Heriot, Michael Knight, John Gray (for John Mason), Phil McIntosh, Kerrie Pascoe, David Post, Andrew Puckeridge, Bill Parker (for K. Taylor), Bob Willis, David Wishart.
Signs:  Pat Ingram

Markets Training Videos

Below are links to four videos which give an insight to the mechanics of putting up the canopies, loading the trestles and table tops etc.
They are designed to give you an idea of how to make the setup, and pull down of the markets smooth and fast.
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John Ireland
March 6
Paul Murray
March 16
Kerry Pascoe
March 17
Pat Ingram
March 20
Robert Pearson
March 20
Peter Wilesmith
March 21
Robert Nicholson
March 27
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March 17
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March 1
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March 3
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March 4
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March 6
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March 25
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Paul Murray
March 1, 1995
26 years
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March 7, 2006
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March 7, 2006
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March 17, 2015
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March 17, 2020
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March 23, 2010
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Paul Murray
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The $2 million grant goes toward Rotary club-led Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia program; an additional $4 million contributed by partners the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision USA.


Rotary-led Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia awarded US$6 million to reduce burden of malaria in heavily affected districtsLUSAKA, Zambia (March 9, 2021) — To help end a leading cause of illness and death in the southern


Flowers discusses the inadequate management of wastewater in rural communities, bridging partisan divides, the ways those two topics intersect — and how Rotarians can be part of the solution


The Supurunda Water Supply Project in Papua New Guinea has been a successful example of how Rotary is advancing peace and providing clean water and sanitation.


For the Rotary Club of Chiang Mai International, Thailand, virtual meetings were a lifeline.

Young Citizen of the Year Clare Lawlor Speaks to the Club
Clare Lawlor,  Wagga Young Citizen of the Year, was our guest speaker on Tuesday.   Clare is a very familiar face at Wollundry having been the Charter President of the Wagga CSU Rotaract Club which was sponsored by Wollundry.
Clare has been active in quite a number of Community and  Rotary committees, boards and groups.  She is currently the Treasurer of the Rotaract  Australia and looking forward to continuing in the position.
  Clare was also an entrant in the Miss Wagga competition and strongly recommends the program,  It is only open to ladies who are unmarried.  The benefits are significant in gaining public Speaking skills and establishing networks and friendships the go on well past the contest.
President's Report Mar 9th
What an outstanding young lady our guest speaker is.  Clare Lawler from CSU Rotaract club was her club's Charter President a few years ago and since then has sufficient accomplishments to fill an 8-page CV, including being a Miss Wagga Entrant and much involved in RYLA.  She was recently named Wagga's Young Citizen of the Year.  It is good to see Rotaract and RYLA developing a connection.  It looks like a good fit.
RYDA will be held during the week of 11-14th May.  Please save the week if you would like to assist on our allocated day (tbc) which hopefully won't be a Tuesday.  It is a most worthwhile program.  For many of us the driver's licence qualification process was not as stringent as it is these days.  Nevertheless we all learnt to drive somehow and we all share the road with others.  It is in everyone's interest that the young drive safely too.
John Egan is urging all members to "Like" the Club's Photographic Competition and Exhibition on Facebook.
This Saturday is our monthly market and an opportunity for Fellowship for those who are not rostered on as well.
The Board will also have its monthly meeting next Monday at Romano's.  Committee Chairs are asked have your reports to your respective Directors this week.
Thankyou Paul Murray for a worthwhile presentation on accessing the Bulletin electronically.  Thankyou also to Frank Fuller and his team of volunteers for setting up and pulling down for the Science Challenge last week.
We welcomed Peter Wilesmith back into the fold with a standing ovation.  If Peter can make it to meetings then we all can. Thankyou David Benn for swapping places so that Peter didn't have to crane his neck to see the speaker.  We also have an extra table in the room for those of us who still prefer to socially distance more.  Zooming in appears to have reached the end of its useful life unless conditions change for the worse again, and as a result of continued technical difficulties we may cease using it.  Don't just sit at home but come along.
Stay well fellows.
Sergeants Session March 9th Paul Murray
Sergeants Session
Paul Murray was the sergeant and after fining Col Duff and John Smith for lunching with GM Alan Eldridge on the tax payer, he fined the front left table where Peter Wilesmith was seated.  This was Peter's first day back from a serious accident on his bike.  He was  wearing a full chest and neck brace restricting his head movement.  Instead of being at a location where he could see the speakers and screen at the front of the room, his table had him sitting at a seat facing the back.  This mandated a fine for the entire table except Peter.
Paul went on to show members how to find their bulletin if it doesn't end up in their Inbox.  The frames below will help members with the main points of Pauls talk.
Our Meeting March 9th 2021
Rotary Information was provided by Ken Taylor
Ken Taylor spoke about his concerns for the misinformation on the Social media site like Facebook and Twitter.  He was especially disappointed in the anti vaccine proponents and the serious damage that can be done.  Polio vaccines  are an excellent example of a product that has changed the world.   Accordingly he has discontinued his involvement on Facebook.    He has slept better and has a more peaceful post facebook world. 

Pykie gives an Overview of the District Financial Meeting last Tuesday Evening
David Pyke gave members an update on the Financial meeting with the District Governor and District Treasurer last Tuesday evening.  He noted that he had been accused of making inappropriate dispersions on district management and when he asked for specifics there were no details given.
The history of the situation started when David as President requested district provide clubs with free fees for the half year with of our reorganization surplus funds.  That request was rejected and consequently Pres David and the board  refused to pay district dues.  Subsequently the club was suspended.  Prior to losing our charter and coming to the close of the end of the Rotary year, the club paid our overdue fees. 
Wollundry and Wagga Wagga clubs pursued the query on district reserves and the actual amounts and were provided numbers that did not agree with the balance sheet.  The Reserves of the district have apparently been reduced by $30,000 last year and will be continuously be reduced by that amount to bring the reserves into a more reasonable number. 

John Egan Gives an Update on the Photo Competition

John Egan came to the podium and updated members on the progress of the Photographic Contest.  The website and Facebook pages are up and running and registrations are officially open.  John has been getting the word out to the schools, photographic clubs and social media and asks members to like and share the photo competition on Facebook.


Rick Priest Shares Fiber Optical cable Map of the World
Rick Priest spoke to members about an interesting map he ran across on the internet over the weekend.  It was a map of the world and all the fiber optical cables connecting the countries of the world.  He noted that as is usually the case, this technology will probably be superceeded in 5 years by a more advanced approach.
Secretary's Report 09.03.21
Hi all,
Well done to Clare Lawler. She is very proactive and a great asset to our community.
We will be running without ZOOM from now on. It can be reintroduced if future situations require.
Paul Murray put his Sergeant's session to good use. He raised a few dollars and provided possible answers as to why some members are not receiving the Bulletin.
I got caught nicely at Sonder coffee, post meeting, a shout of 11. What goes around, comes around, I can wait.
Diary Dates:
11th March - AG Martin Brown has organised a meeting with Southern Cross Media at 2pm. President James will be attending.
13th March - Saturday Markets. See the Team list in the roster section to the left.
15th March - The next Board meeting at the Ambassador Room Romano's.
20th - 21st March - District Conference in Bathurst.
15th May - District Assembly - training seminar for all Rotarians - Young Services Club 9.00am - 5.00pm, Paul Murray will advise on the registration procedure.
Phil Burgess
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray