Next Meeting:
8th November 2022
Rostered Duties:
Mal Robertson
Furniture / Fellowship
Wal Payton
Guest Speaker
Bulletin Editor Roster:
1st Nov Peter Wilesmith
8th Nov
Peter Wilesmith
15th Nov Peter Wilesmith
22nd Nov Doug Sutton
29th Nov
Doug Sutton
6th Dec Doug Sutton
Sergeant Roster:
1st Nov  John Gray
8th Nov  Peter Green
15th Nov  Peter Clucas
22nd Nov  David Hodge
29th Nov  David Foster
6th Dec  Stuart Heriot
Rotary Information:
1st Nov - Ken Cook
8th Nov - John Gray
15th Nov - Doug Conkey
22nd Nov - David Byfield
29th Nov - Pat Ingram
6th Dec  
Tech Set Up:
1st Nov  David Pyke
8th Nov  David Pyke
15th Nov David Pyke
22nd Nov  Doug Sutton
29th Nov  Doug Sutton
6th Dec  Doug Sutton
Market Rosters:
Saturday 12 November
OIC David Hodge
Steve Barker
Frank Fuller
Doug Conkey
Colin Duff
Gerry Gerlach
John Ireland
Steve McCoy
Phil McIntosh
Ken Cook
John Ferguson
Ken Sergeant
Neil Schirmer
Saturday 10 December
OIC Darren Wallace
David Benn
John Egan
John Ferguson
Ward Gaiter
Mark Hillis
Peter Mackinnon
Wal Paton
James Ross
John Smith
Adrian Whiting
Peter Wilesmith
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Neil Schirmer
November 8
Ken Cook
November 9
James Hamilton
November 20
Paul Murray
November 22
Neil Pinto
November 23
Darren Sweeney
November 26
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Joanne Masters
November 20
Helen Paton
November 22
Renae Elrington
November 30
Malcolm Robertson
November 5
Pykie Pyke
Cathy Pyke
November 11
Wal Paton
Helen Paton
November 14
Craig Bromley
November 25
James Ross
Renae Elrington
November 25
Robert Pearson
November 28
Join Date
James Hamilton
November 1, 1990
32 years
John Flynn
November 1, 1993
29 years
John Gray
November 1, 1982
40 years
John Ireland
November 1, 1984
38 years
Pat Ingram
November 1, 1985
37 years

Attendance  Nov 1, 2022

Club Guests
Zara Hamilton (CSU Scholarship)
Members Guests
Mac Armytage (Frank Fuller)
__MakeUp          Dates
P Burgess  Oct 2-3 GB
  "          Dist Conf 21-23 Oct
  "          Wagga Pres 25 Oct
P. McIntosh  Coolamon 31/10
D Byfield  Coolamon 31/10   
Bulletin Editor
Paul Murray
Greg Conkey talks on Inland Rail

Greg Conkey updated the members on the details and the status of the Inland Rail Project.  The following are the Notes Greg used for his talk:
A rail project that connects Melbourne and Brisbane inland and not via Sydney ...
The biggest cost of getting farm produce to market in Australia is the cost of freight from the farm gate to a port ..
Inland Rail will slash that cost savings of around $10 per tonne, making Australian agricultural products, as well as our manufactured goods, more competitive on the world stage.70 percent of the freight will be for domestic consumption.  Inland rail connects Melbourne with Brisbane, Cost in excess of $15b.
Length 1700 km ....1100 km of track upgrades and enhancements 600 km of new track
Train travel time .... less than 24 hours compared with 34 hours via Sydney ...
Work started in 2018 .... Due to finish around 2027 ...
Major cost ... 80 percent ... from Toowoomba to Brisbane
Train length ... up to 1.8km
Speed .. up to 115kph ...
200,000 fewer trucks on our roads by 2050 ...
One train is equivalent to 108 B double trucks ... fuel savings are considerable ...trains use less than a third
Estimated to have two extra trains going thru Wagga Wagga by 2025 and another six by 2040 ...
Tenders for the work between Albury and Parkes close early November
Work in this area includes:
Murray River Bridge .... Greater clearance
Albury Station ... replacement of foot bridge
Albury Station yard clearances
Riverina Highway Bridge Lower the track for greater clearance
Billy Hughes Bridge ... track lowering
Table Top Yard ... clearances Culcairn:
Culcairn Yard .. clearances
Culcairn foot bridge removal
Henty yard clearances                  
Yerong Creek .. clearances
The Rock .. clearances
Wagga Wagga:
Uranquinty yard .. clearances
Pearson St bridge .. track lowering
Cassidy Footbridge .. replacement
Edmondson St Bridge ... replacement Mothers Bridge ... replacement Wagga Station yard ... clearances
Bomen Yard ... clearances ...
In Junee the Kent Street bridge will need to be replaced ...
Plus 34 km of new track between Illabo and Stockinbingal ...
Estimated cost of the project .. Albury to Parkes .. between $200m and $300m
Wagga Wagga issues ...
By pass ... not going to happen ... Docker Street level crossing
President's Report 01.11.22
Hi all,
May our thoughts be with Peter and Angie Mackinnon at this time, as Peter’s father is in hospital unwell.
Congratulations to Zara Hamilton for the effort she is making to take full advantage of her CSU scholarship. She is a young lady on a mission, thankful for the opportunities she has been given, with an eye to a successful and satisfying future. Also, well done to Peter Green for his dedication and support to the CSU scholarship program.
Whilst on the subject of Youth, it was gratifying to observe the positive support engendered by the Club and members at the meeting yesterday. These young ones are the potential leaders of our future whether it be within Rotary or the community generally, or both.
Thank you to David Pyke, Doug Conkey, Gerry Gerlach, and Ric Priest for volunteering to assist at Lilier Lodge on 16th November, with preparation and provision of an evening meal for the live in guests.
I will be representing the Club at a Lilier’s Thank You event on Thursday 3rd November. They will be saying thank you and showing off improvements they have made as result of grants and community support received.
Numbers are required for attendees and eaters at the Pro Patria visit on Tuesday 15th November. Pro Patria is situated in at the old Carmelite Monastery site, at 19 Morshead St Ashmont. We will be using our own BBQ to cook lunch, thank you to Wal Paton and Mal Robertson and Col Duff for picking up the BBQ. Please advise ASAP of your intentions to attend and/or eat, along with possible guests.
There is concern building within the community again, around a new variant of COVID-19 infiltrating our midst. Please be vigilant and if you show any signs of flu like symptoms, DO NOT attend weekly meetings until all clear.
Annita and I will be attending the 60th anniversary of the Tumbarumba Rotary Club this weekend. My first ever Rotary meeting was at Tumbarumba, on a vocational visit in 1963, as a student from Tumbarumba Central School. Report next week.
All the best to our intrepid Veteran Cricketers as they head South to Launceston, to participate in the over 70’s national championships. May they return victorious and injury free.
President Phil
Secretary's Report 01.11.22
Hi all,
Reply from District Youth Lead re RYPEN funding request.
Finalisation of the PNG Grant pledge.
General Business:
Members supported a motion to ratify Board approval for the Club subsidizing the catering costs for the Christmas Party on 4th December 2022.
Members supported a motion to ratify Board approval to increase costs for supporting RYLA candidates.
Members supported a motion to ratify Board approval to increase costs for supporting RYPEN candidates.
Dates for the diary:
Wagga Aero Club Dinner – Sat November 5th
Wagga Rotaract Trivia Night – 12th November
Pro Patria vocational visit – 15th November
Lilier Lodge Meal Roster – 16th November
Next Board meeting – 28th November
Annual General Meeting – 29th November
Xmas Party – 4th December
Secretary Peter Mackinnon
The Meeting
Coolamon Club Receives Gears and Beers Money
Phil McIntosh and David Byfield attended the Coolamon Rotary Club meeting and presented a cheque for $8,000 for their assistance with the Gears and Beerd
Coolamon members in the photo are Greg Breust and Paul

Ken Cook talks ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children)   
ROMAC  is a combined Australia and New Zealand Multi-district Rotary project.  Commenced out of the actions of a single Rotarian, Barrie Cooper OAM in March 1988, when a member of the Rotary Club of Kangaroo Flat in Victoria, visited Lambasa in Fiji with a group of Australian surgeons.
ROMAC has provided specialist treatment by many eminent surgeons to over 500 children from more than 20 developing countries, mainly in the Pacific Rim, in the form of life saving and/or dignity restoring surgery, not accessible to them in their home country.
Rotarians and other volunteers assist the family and the patient when arriving in Australia or New Zealand with accommodation, taking the child to medical appointments and visiting the patient whilst in hospital.
Each year ROMAC is providing approximately 50 children with vital surgery,  making a huge difference to their lives.
Sergeants Session  John Gray
John was in fine form with a number of Melbourne Cup trivia questions such as:
  • When was the first cup race ?  1861
  • What trainer won the most times?  Bart Cummings 12
  • What was the largest crowd?  122,000
He then proceeded to fine the following for a variety of well conceived and recognizable accomplishments/misdemeanours.
  • Phil Burgess
  • Phil McIntosh
  • Gerry Gerlach
  • David Post,
  • Adrian Whiting and
  • Darren Wallace.

 Emergency at the Airport  -  John Smith
John Smith told members of an emergency at the airport where a fellow worker dropped unconscience and his heart stopped.  John ran and got the AED and followed the instructions to shock the fellow back to life.  After the ambulance arrived and worked on the guy he finally began to show a pulse. 
John emphasised the importance of knowing first aid and what to do in an emergency.  Peter Clucas also relayed an incident where he needed an AED machine and the skills to know what to do in an emergency.  They both recommended members update their skills.

Wagga Mens Rugby Choir performs in Sydney
The above photo was talen last Sunday at the Sydney Town Hall where the Australian Mens Choir Association was combining for a concert.  With the grand organ in the background there were 186 choir memkbers with 30% of them from Wagga (50 members).
Photo Albums
Photos submitted from Tuesdays Meeting (click on the photo to open more photos)
The flooded Counntry Club
Tuesdays Meeting - Click on the above photo to see more pics
CSU Scholarship Winer Zara Hamilton
A special guest of  Peter Green was Zara Hamilton, this years CSU Science Scholarship winer.  Zara spoke to members and related her significant experiences working large stations with livestock and loving it.  She was an excellent example of the positive benefits of our CSU scholarship.
Melbourne Cup
Over many years, a pattern has emerged - We always have our meetings on Melbourne Cup Day, The Reserve Bank meets to review official Interest Rates, and Michael Knight is asked to do the Cup Sweeps. Same this year.Thank you to Peter Crozier, who jumped in to help at the desk, and well done to all the punters who had remembered to bring cash.There were 4 sweeps conducted, horses allocated, and results tabulated.
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray