March 16th 2021
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March 23rd 2021
Romano's Hotel

Members Duties
Ken Cook
Peter Crozier
Colin Duff

AG Martin Brown

Rotary Information
23rd Mar - Peter Green

Bulletin Editor 
Mar 23, 30, Apr 6,D. Sutton
Apr 13, 20, 27 M. Knight
May 4, 11, 18 D. Pyke
May 25, Jun1,8,P Whilesmith

 Sergeant - Members Choice 
23rd Mar - Graeme Obst
30th Mar - Wal Paton

 Saturday Markets
10th April 2021
OIC:  Paul Milde
Team:  David Benn, Phil McIntosh (for Craig Bromley),
Doug Conkey, Greg Conkey, John Flynn, David Foster, James Hamilton, David Hodge, Tim Hutchings, Steve McCoy, Adrian Whiting, Ken Taylor (for Bill Parker), Andrew Crackenthorp.
Signs - James Hamilton
15TH May 2021
OIC: Geoff Breust
Team:  David Byfield, Colin Duff, John Ferguson,
Frank Fuller, John Ireland, Rick Priest, David Pyke, James Ross, John Smith, Doug Sutton, Darren Wallace, Peter Wilesmith.
Signs - John Flynn
12th June 2021
OIC:  Gerry Gerlach
Team:  Richard Baguley, Phil Burgess, Greg Conkey, Peter Crozier, John Egan, Ward Gaiter, Mark Hillis, Pat Ingram, Michael Knight, Peter Mackinnon, Rob Nicholson, Wal Paton, David Golland, Andrew Crackanthorp.
Signs - John Gray

Markets Training Videos

Below are links to four six videos which give an insight to the mechanics of putting up the canopies, loading the trestles and table tops etc.
They are designed to give you an idea of how to make the setup, and pull down of the markets smooth and fast.
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John Ireland
March 6
Paul Murray
March 16
Kerry Pascoe
March 17
Pat Ingram
March 20
Robert Pearson
March 20
Peter Wilesmith
March 21
Robert Nicholson
March 27
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March 1
March 2
March 3
Kerry Mason
March 17
Mark Hillis
Chrissie Hillis
March 1
James Hamilton
March 3
Bob Willis
Cathy Willis
March 4
John Gray
March 6
Col Duff
Jenni Duff
March 25
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Paul Murray
March 1, 1995
26 years
Phil McIntosh
March 7, 2006
15 years
Stephen McCoy
March 7, 2006
15 years
Richard Rossiter
March 17, 2015
6 years
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March 17, 2020
1 year
Robert Pearson
March 23, 2010
11 years
Bulletin Editor
Paul Murray
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The $2 million grant goes toward Rotary club-led Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia program; an additional $4 million contributed by partners the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Vision USA.

Scott Harding Speaks at Wollundry Rotary
Our guest speaker on Tuesday was Scott Harding.  
Scott  was introduced by our member David Post.  He is a colleague of David’s providing social support to Children  in the Batlow  School, who have experienced a level of anxiety and trauma in the aftermath of the bush fires.  The fires destroyed some 30 homes surrounding the Community of Batlow.  David Post  mentioned that there was a counsellor for Sydney came to speak with the students and he was dressed in a suit and tie and missed the mark in his appearance at least.  Scott dresses in shorts and casual shirts and presents a very approachable persona. 
Scott gave an excellent overview of the work he is doing to provide support to 150 students in the Batlow School. The anxiety and trauma is real and the community and school are pulling together.
He thanked Wollundry for the financial donations they have made to the Bush Fire Appeal to provide the service to the community of Batlow. 
He took a number of questions and one of the more interesting ones was regarding the timing of the anxiety and trauma levels.  He said that the anxiety level today is almost worse than right after the fires.
David Post thanked Scott and presented him with a bottle of wine.
President's Report Mar 16th
The Board had its monthly meeting on Monday and the main matters arising were :
  • They say that no-one is irreplaceable, even after 26 years in the Club.  As PP Paul Milde announces he and Margo are moving to Canberra so an opportunity arises for a new Membership Director in the new Rotary year.  It so happens that the vacancy lasted about 10 minutes.  Congratulations Stuart.  Paul will undertake a handover closer to the time.
  • The Changeover is set down for Monday 21st June at the RSL Club. This will be Paul's last meeting.  Please save the date and note that this is a slight departure from the normal last Tuesday in June due to availability of the venue.
  • The Photographic Competition and Exhibition has moved to the The Gallery, next to Hunters on the Hill.  Sponsorship has now exceeded the amount we resolved to commit to underwrite the event.  Well done John Egan and Mark Hillis.
  • The Board has resolved to combine the traditional Sergeant's session with Rotary Information, re-badged as "Members' Choice".  This will give greater flexibility with subject matter, although the bottom line is also important.
  • Gears & Beers rider registrations continue to climb.
  • It is still intended to hold a Club social event at the Hillis' place at a date tbc.
  • Zooming-in to meetings has ceased for the time being although we will keep the subscription up our sleeve for 2021 just in case.  Please claim the usual make-ups where you can, particularly if your Attendance % is on the low side.
  • The Board has approved two applications from students at TRAC, in addition to the two already approved from Wagga HS, for the Noel Barnes Scholarship.
  • There are a number of members who are still Working With Children Check non-compliant.  Please attend to this fellows.  Ask if you need help.
The CSU Rotaract Club is struggling for numbers, direction and enthusiasm.  Youth Director Neil Pinto has been looking for quite some time for a Committee Chairman to help look after them.  David Pyke has offered to be our Clontarf Committee to help keep indigenous students at High School.  This is a most worthwhile endeavour.
Stay well fellows.
Secretary's Report 16.03.21
Hi Fellows,
  • Best wishes to Margot and Paul Milde for their new future in Canberra. In the short time I have been in the Club, it has become evident to me that Paul does an enormous amount of work on behalf of Wollundry. He will be missed but an opportunity arises for someone else to step up.
  • There was discussion at the Board meeting on Monday night around Sergeant and Rotary Information presentation segments at our Tuesday meetings It was decided that members allocated to the role of Sergeant be free to choose ( members Choice) their topic. It does not have to be a joke/take the mickey type session, however fines will still be collected. This segment will still be presented every week. The Rotary Information presentations will probably be set for Hillis days only and the topic will have to deal specifically with Rotary Information. This will give all members the opportunity to do some Rotary research and improve their knowledge of all things Rotary. I will discuss with David Benn on how we set this up. Existing roster arrangements will stay in place for next week.
  • Hillis day - What does that mean? For all new members a brief explanation. On meeting days when we do not have a guest speaker, the opportunity arises for there to be more fellowship among members. 
  • Note to the left, the Sat Markets rosters for the last 3 months of the year have been listed. Please check early and arrange swaps as required.
Phil Burgess
Our Meeting March 16th 2021
Rotary Information was provided by David Wishart
David spoke about how he was invited to join Wollundry five and a half years ago by David Benn, who was his neighbour at the time. David picked him up a couple of time to bring him to Rotary and from that point on, He came by myself.  David was familiar with service clubs as he was previously in APEX .
He gave up golf and gave his clubs to his son.  When his son went golfing, the pro  at the Club wanted to buy them because they were antiques.
David then spoke about Gears’n’Beers and how it was possibly the biggest festival in Wagga.  Since other cities have giant tourist attractions like sheep or pineapples, Wagga could have a giant bicycle as our “claim to fame” and Wollundry started it!
He then noted that there are benefits of the recent Covid-19 Pandemic: there are less jets going through the sky polluting the air and it is beginning to be a good year for local Australian tourism.

Paul and Margo Milde to Move to Canberra

Paul Milde announced that he had retired a couple of years ago and Margo was going to retire in 2023 but she feels she wants to retire  now and accordingly, they are move to Canberra in early May.
Paul said his last function will be the changeover.

John Egan has provided additional videos 

John Egan has added 2 training videos the  4 videos already posted in the column at your left.  Please review the videos and practice the training techniques outlined.


Priest Makes it 2 in a Row
Rick Priest has won the drawing for the Bottle of Wine for two weeks in a row.
Markets Report by OIC Phil Burgess
Saturday Markets Report
Wollundry Bulletin Editors: 
Doug Sutton, Michael Knight, John Egan, David Pyke, Peter Wilesmith and Paul Murray