Aug 11th 2020
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18th August
Riverine Club + Zoom
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Fellowship:   Wal Paton
Reception: Rob Pearson
Furniture:   David Post
Speaker:  Richard Pottie
 Bulletin Editor 
Aug 18 M Knight
     Aug 25 Sep 1, 8 D Pyke
     Sep 15, 22, 29   J Egan
18th August G Burmeister
25th August S Anderson
1st Sept D Byfield
12th Sept 2020
OIC Neil Pinto (for John Flynn)
Richard Baguley, Geoff Breust, Shane Carroll, Tim Hutchings, Michael Knight, Peter Mackinnon, Paul Milde, Graeme Obst, Jonty Shuter, John Smith, Peter Wilesmith, Wal Paton 
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Sun 16/08 John Ireland
Sun 23/08 Michael Knight
Sun 30/08 Peter Mackinnon


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August 1, 1996
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August 11, 2009
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Chesley Reynolds Perry, a Spanish-American War veteran and former Chicago Public Library employee, served as Rotary’s first secretary and is known as “the builder of Rotary International.”


With help from a Rotary Foundation global grant, a group of women in rural Costa Rica are using ecotourism to enrich their families' futures.


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Jennifer Jones, of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2022-23.


Binish Desai began working on an eco-friendly brick made out of recycling and waste, when he was 11. The former Rotary Youth Exchange student, inventor, and entrepreneur credits Rotary with giving him the support to pursue his dreams. Now he’s giving back through a new Rotary club.

President's Report
In the interest of Covid safety the President recited Rotary Grace at this week's meeting.  The Zoomers' rendition of the National Anthem needs some work.  Adam Hills could do better.    
The Saturday Market was held at Hammond Hall for the first time due to adverse weather and proved successful.  Some members who were not rostered on dropped in for a cuppa around morning tea time which was great.  However two members who were rostered on failed to turn up or arrange a swap and this was not great.  We are a busy Club and we have to to share the load which is why there is a large Market team.  We also roster members on for Reception, Fellowship and Furniture at weekly meetings.  If you are rostered on and can't make the meeting then please arrange for someone to cover for you. If you intend to Zoom in to the meeting then that does not relieve you of this responsibility.  Please don't just leave it for someone else to take up the slack.
It may be more difficult for Committees to meet in person for their usual business in the current climate so please keep in touch by telephone or email to help keep the show on the road.  Perhaps arrange to stay behind after our weekly meeting.  Like it or not ClubRunner can assist with our communications rather than ring the Secretary to ask for someone's phone number.  Please become more familiar with ClubRunner if you need to.  Then there is the Bulletin to keep you abreast of the latest Club information.
Some Covid Safety reminders and suggestions :
  • If you feel unwell then get tested and isolate at home until the test results are known.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Don't go to Victoria and avoid going to Sydney unless it is essential.  Don't go to the opening of a new barber's shop with a bikie gang.  Restrain your social activities by not going to 7 hospitality venues over the course of a weekend.  There are calls for pubs and clubs to be shut down again in NSW because some people can't act in everyone's interest.
  • Wear a face mask when going to busy retailers such as the Supermarket or Bunnings where it may be more difficult to socially distance.  It also helps those who are there to serve us.
  • The Rotary E-Club of Brindabella is selling Rotary branded and approved reusable face masks for $20.  or phone Rob on 0418 459 049.  We might know what D9705 means even if the rest of the community doesn't.
Stay well Fellows.
President James

Our Meeting
President James remains committed to the safety of our club members, and continues to protect us from Covid 19 transmission by robust singing - especially of the Rotary Grace. Some of our older members, and probably all of the newer members of Rotary would not be aware that the tune that we sing is a setting of Psalm 100, by the 20th century English composer Ralph Vaughan-Williams.
There followed a period for fellowship, and analysis of the state of health in Victoria.
Average life expectancy in Australia can be rounded to eighty two years, and that is close to 30 000 days. Victoria, with a population of 6.6 million, should expect around 220 deaths each day, by natural attrition. With nineteen deaths recorded yesterday, that is around a 9% increase - and suddenly that starts to look more significant.
There were no visiting Rotarians, but we had guests - David Benn introduced our guest speaker, Jackson Strong, Neil Pinto had invited David Golland, and Graham Burmeister had Mayan along as his guest. It's a small world - Mayan knew the Hounsells from Lockhart, with "scooter" Hounsell a drinking buddy of Jackson. Sofi was welcomed to the meeting
The question was posed "has anyone been away recently?" but it drew only subdued laughter. Club membership fees are due, for some.
Sofi reported on her last week activities, and thanked Wollundry for our attentiveness during her presentation. She had celebrated her 16th birthday again at the weekend, this time with her host family.
Contact details for Sofi are:
Host Parents: John and Monique Sheppard
Host Phone Number:
Sofi's phone Number: 0424 075 520
Hosts Address: 
We hope that Jackson is more capable of landing a stunt than drawing a valid peg from the bedpan. The invalid pegs were numbered 35, 41, 59, 34. 19, 26. and eventually David Wishart owned up to being #63.
Jackson Strong
David Benn introduced Jackson Strong, and was unable to resist the pun - his grandfather is 85YO, and still going strong. Jackson is David Benn's landlord, but we hope that the relationship goes deeper than that.
The talk started with "gidday", and then we watched a three minute video clip, and marvelled at the professional production of the film. That was because there was sponsorship involved, and professional capture of Jackson's exploits, including the pyrotechnics.
The family have been on a property at Lockhart for five generations, but Jackson was not destined for tractor driving and lamb marking. He used a motorbike for livestock work, riding over dam banks, then jumping over dam banks, and graduated to jumping over dams. He had family support, and commenced home schooling at 14, with time on the motorcycle.
Jackson was recognised as talented, and rode at shows locally and then more widely - until he toured through South America, Europe and the USA as a teenage prodigy, on a motorbike. He had a home in the states for five years, but that wasn't cutting it for "a farm boy from Lockhart."
He moved home in his twenties, and travelled to events at weekends. He has graduated even further by doing much of his stunt work on film. Jackson gets on a motorcycle every day, but is now getting into skydiving, and moving towards stunt flying.
Jackson was questioned about the competitive side of motorcycle stunt riding, and he explained that there were two classes of competition - Best trick, and Freestyle. Freestyle is a 75 second elapsed time, and 6 or 7 jumps to be completed. Best Trick is scored, the best of two jumps, and this is his most successful category.
The bike that he rides is personalised, to the extent of controls and human interface, but is still standard in terms of performance. It is a Yamaha YZ 250.
The question of injuries was raised, and this read like a Medical text book "both legs a couple of times, a broken back, the arthritis profile of an eighty year old........ it's not that bad - you guys will be right in another ten years"
The questions kept coming, about the techniques of each stunt, what must be watched as a landing unfolds, heart rates during competition, composition of support teams, and recent Aussie domination of the sport.
Jackson explained some of the video techniques that were used to generate flame backdrops for the stunts, including pressure vessels, poly pipe, petrol and compressed air. The flames were spectacular.
The move to aeronautical stunts is proceeding, learn to fly, buy a plane, upgrade to a Pitt special, and proceed to stunts. 
Rotary Information
Year of 85/86
President Peter Crozier.  President Elect  Graham Burmeister.   Secretary Ken Cook.
Community Service director  Michael Knight.  Bulletin Editor Geoff Potter.
Producers of the bulletin -   Beth Flegg and Norma Gray
RI motto -  You are the key

I produced President Peter’s Epistle every week the first one being about the Rotary Foundation where it was pointed out that the fine box collected funds for the foundation and $700 had been budgeted for the year being 33cents /member/week or three ounces of beer.
District dues were  $11.50   Rotary Down Under $14 and Rotary International fees of $20 being $70 all up.

There were only five members rostered on for Sunday Market which was weekly – no tents but a few trestles.
There were six host families, all being members, for our incoming exchange student Ann Hakestam.

I note that there were instructions on the procedure in inviting a person to join our club which still holds fairly good today and I quote:
The member nominates a person for consideration. The Classification Committee will check that the appropriate classification is correct. The Membership Committee investigates whether the person so nominated is suitable. Then the Board approves the nomination or otherwise. The nominated person is visited by the nominator and one member of the Rotary Information committee informing him of his nomination and seeking his approval to publish his name in the bulletin. He is informed of the purpose of Rotary and the role he is expected to play. If no objections are received by the Board within ten days of publication, then the person will be considered elected on payment of the subscription.

Rotaract was quite active and our Club had a roster for a member’s attendance. I note that they had a pie drive selling them at $3 each which is the current price now at O’Briens bakery on Tuesdays 35 years later!
We inducted eleven new members including David Benn and Pat Ingram. Greg Conkey, not then a member, was selected as a Group Study Exchange member to Oklahoma.

The Federal government banned Rotary from having South African Exchange students attending government schools owing to their apartheid policy.
The club was authorised to form another Rotary Club in Wagga Wagga being known as Wagga Sunrise, a breakfast club.
$5000 was donated to assist with the development of the Riverina Theatre Company building on the old gasworks site.
Wollundry received an award at the District Conference for member participation.
Rotary Information in April 86 was that a club could only cancel its meeting if: the meeting fell on a gazetted public holiday; an epidemic affecting the whole community or on the death of the President of the club.

Social events: besides local functions, the club had a weekend at Falls Creek ski fields with 35 adults attending and just on a hundred children and a bareboat sailing trip to the Whitsundays with Michael Knight, Peter Kennard, Colin Wooden and I amongst the participants.
A meeting was held at McDonalds as a vocational visit.
It was a very full year.
Saturday Market
Wollundry Saturday Markets -  8 August 2020
Report from OIC David Pyke.
A late decision on Friday night saw the market move to Hammond Hall at the showground. The weather was so bad on Friday, there was a distinct chance that we would not get the trailers on the Civic Gardens site. 
Saturday’s weather was equally as bad with constant showers. The opportunity to move to the Show grounds at least gave us the chance to have the market.
Our new Market supervisor Steve Anderson did a great job organising the site allocations and helping out sort through changes during the day
Our first run at Hammond Hall worked quite well with 19 stallholders fitting comfortably in the Hall and one who chose to be out in the weather. 
The team was Steve Anderson, Tim Hutchings, Peter Crozier, Rick Priest, Steve McCoy, John Ireland, Mark Hillis, Mal Robertson, Ward Gaiter and Rob Pearson and Peter Green.
Mark Hillis and Peter Green became the Face of Wollundry as they did temperature checks on all people that walked through the door. Thanks to Tim Hutchings for providing another tray back vehicle to cart gear from the Civic Gardens container to the showground. 
The fellowship plan worked well with about another ½  dozen Rotarians turning up for a coffee and bacon and egg roll. Our resident BBQ carer Mal Robertson said the BBQ had been left filthy last time used. It is critical that the BBQ needs to be cleaned before garaging.
All is all a great market in shocking weather
BBQ Profit$126.00
Less Entertainer$150.00
Net Result$1434.30
Classified Advertising
Garage Sale
Preliminary Estate clearance of Michael Knight -
recently re-established in Central Wagga Wagga.
2 Kauri Place - Springvale
Saturday 22nd August 8.00am to 5.00pm.
Accumulated over 33 Years.
Kitchenware, Furniture, Electrical, Memorabilia. 
Covid responsible - Eftpos available.